You’ve Never Made a Decision

To enlighten our experience of decision making it really helps to get clear on what we are actually doing when it comes to making decisions, and therefore to see that you have never made a decision in your life.

The video I’m sharing today was prompted after listening to this episode from Christine Heath and Judy Sedgeman in “Psychology Has it Backwards”. It’s about decision making and I shared it with a client who had some (what felt like) weighty decisions to make.

On the back of the episode he said, but I’ve got decisions to make. How can I just sit back and wait for them to arise?

While we were exploring together a 3 stage process of decision making occurred to me that I share with you in this video too. I show how our attention has been on the visible actions of making decisions. Ignoring the fact that the key ‘process’ stage (when the decision actually gets made) is invisible and something we know nothing about.

The recognition of this is the freedom with decisions we’ve been looking for.

You’ve never made a decision in your life. Really!

Watch the video and share what stands out for you. What questions or challenges do you have with this that I can help clarify or answer?

With love, Helen

P.S. There are loads more enlightening decision making resources like this in the Wild Fig Members Community in Patreon. Just sign up and choose the ‘Decision Making’ tag to read and watch more.

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