I Can’t Speak My Truth

This week, a video, about why it feels so hard to speak our truth to someone. We imagine it’s ‘all their fault’ and ‘if only they were different’ when in fact the only reliable route to the peace, freedom and happiness we’re looking for is to remember who we really are.

I record a video each Friday for the members in Patreon, about a theme for the week that’s been showing up for me or for clients. This week I decided to make the video available to everyone, and it was based on a problem one of our members has been experiencing: I can’t speak my truth to this person.

It’s one I’m familiar with. In response to the feeling of it I have left a team, kept my head down, tried to adapt and manipulate my words and actions to appease the other person, held my tongue, and probably all sorts of other behaviours I’m not even aware of. All in an attempt to feel good — to not be shouted at, to remain peaceful, to remain happy.

Of course it doesn’t work. What actually happens is we get less peaceful, and less happy, as we try not to express who we naturally are, and instead protect an idea of who we think we are.

So today, I share this video with you including a new visual to describe the universal process that occurs every time we suffer, and then I relate that to this experience of thinking ‘I can’t speak my truth’.

I’d love to hear what resonates for you in it.

With love, Helen

P.S. If you want to join the conversation to ask and discuss more about this video, here’s the link to the post in the membership community in Patreon so you can get involved. Just choose your level of membership. We’d love to see you there!

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