The creation of RELEASE: 40 days of Lent with a difference

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This post is from Dave Kibby because I loved how he described the journey to us creating this new course for you for Lent; RELEASE – 4 days of Lent with a difference. A course which doesn’t require any will power or effortful giving up, which isn’t about religion (although which recognises what the origins of religion were pointing to) and which instead brings to light the confusion which makes it look like you’re not already OK as you are.


Whilst I wouldn’t describe myself as religious, I’m definitely captivated by spirituality and stories from many traditions. Bible stories often blow my mind, as I tend to see them as archetypes rather than religious significance they’ve gained.
A few weeks ago, I was chatting to my kids about whether we’d give up anything for lent this year – mostly we were laughing at how whether there was much left to give up during lockdown.
As I was pondering the story of Jesus going in to the wilderness, it occurred to me that what might have happened was that rather than realising who he was, the illusion of what he wasn’t was challenged and vanished – and this was the revelation of that period of solitude and testing.
So I wondered what would happen if a group of us used this period of ‘Release’ to do the same thing.
Rather than the constant striving to find out ‘who we truly are’, we’d instead look to see that who we believe ourselves to be can never be true…
More than this, what we believe is really happening might not be what’s going on at all.
I knew I wanted to bring this to fruition with the wonderful Helen Amery – despite the fact that we’d never actually chatted! Luckily – she agreed and we’ve created a 40 day ‘Lent with a difference’ event for you to join.
We have weekly themes that will guide our reflections as we look more closely at the illusion of who believe we are. Helen has written some brilliant information for you, and either of us are happy to answer any questions you might have.
We hope you’ll consider joining us:

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  • Llevelyse Shepley
    17 January 2021 7:51 pm

    Yes I am interested and I gather it is in written form?

    • Great that you’re interested Lyse! It’s a zoom call course and I’m sorry it’s at a terrible time for you (3.30pm UK time). If you click the link at the bottom of this post the details are in there. Everyone who joins will get access to the full recording of each week though.


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