What if you knew that…

Image by Bianca Mentil from Pixabay

You’re ok.

You always have been.

Just increasingly hidden by clouds of conditioning as you’ve aged.

To the point where now the conditioning no longer makes sense.

The rules have begun to conflict too often.

The experience isn’t matching the dream that was sold.

The responsibilities to be juggled seem increasingly likely to drop.

The life being searched for just hasn’t been found.

Because all the searching, all the belief in responsibilities, all the rules and expectations and conditions of how to live your best life are the exact thoughts keeping you from everything you’ve ever wanted.

Because all the thoughts given to you over the years are distorting the signal from your inner GPS.

All those thoughts clouding the view.

Hiding the self-righting guidance system that you really are.

Limiting the possibilities.

Showing you the exact movie of life you’ve been trying to avoid, trying to escape, not wanting to have.


Catch a glimpse.

See what’s there.

Keep looking.

And it will grow.

With love, Helen

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