How your experience of life is created moment to moment

As I return from a holiday of Disney, Busch and Universal Park fun I can confirm again, 100%, that thought creates reality. Moment, to moment, to moment.

We came here a few years ago and I did not have a good time. Back then it was Easter, the days were longer, the kids were younger (both seemed to equal lots of grumpiness!) and my fear of heights and nausea with simulators had me stay off the vast majority of the rides. My youngest was the perfect partner as she couldn’t go on the big rides back then.

This time I have been on all 8 of Florida’s highest and fastest coasters. A momentary fear has been there as we dropped vertically to the ground, or swooped over the top and felt as though the car was going to leave the rails. But that’s the point right? To be scared and scream on these things! Last time I was even scared on a kiddy coaster when up there with nothing either side but fresh air.

So what’s been fascinating for me has been the shift in experience without working on my fear of heights as a problem. No hypnotherapy or coaching or thought management techniques to change that specific issue. I just enjoy these rides now. A layer of thought has dissolved – an added side benefit from exploring the nature of reality and who we really are.

It’s an example that my first coach in this work, Piers Thurston, calls psychological drain cleaner – when we explore the nature of reality, whatever we think needs improving in life shifts and changes, and a whole bunch of other stuff gets sorted at the same time, without effort. An unintended benefit.

What’s also been fascinating about my coaster fun has been the change in experience from one turn to the next because there were a few rides we went straight back on for two or three go’s. Go #1 – screams! Go #2 – fewer screams and some woops. Go #3 – just going round the ride enjoying it.

The thought that was believed on Go #1 dissipated with each subsequent ride. The thought ‘I’m going to die!’ looked less and less compelling and so the feelings of fear and the screams dissipated too.

We can get trapped into thinking that people and things in the world out there are fixed and solid, that X will always give us a Y type experience. That it’s a 100% cast iron rule.

Never true. The exact opposite in fact is true – nothing out there is cast iron. Nada. Zilch. 100% of our experience of everything is created in the moment based on thoughts believed in that specific moment. Nothing else is ever going on.

If I hadn’t explored as I have with my coaches I probably would have come on this holiday and still not enjoyed it, still not done the rides, still believing my own internal press secretary who’d have been telling me I’d hate it, that it would be knackering, that the kids would be hard work, that I couldn’t do the rides.

That press secretary has no idea about the outside world. All that’s known by it is thought, and all it knows to do is match X thought with Y situation in the outside world because they once happened at the same time and so the press secretary told us it was causal. It doesn’t know that it is the very one turning a correlation into a cause.

Thought believed in the moment creates an experience of life – immediately bringing that thought into full 4D reality.

Nothing else is ever going on.

The next moment, a different thought and a different reality appears.

Moment, to moment, to moment.

So whatever or whoever you think is a fixed and definite problem in your life. They’re not. I guarantee it – 100%.

And if you think you’ve found the exception get in touch to talk it through. It’s such a great conversation to have!

With love, Helen

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