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In 2016 I bought a book called Buddhism Made Simple. I was interested in this belief system on the back of starting yoga classes the year before. I was curious about the fact the Buddha seemed to have some similar beliefs to those of coaching and I wanted to learn more. On reading it I knew there was something powerful in this way of seeing the world and yet I didn’t know how to make that a reality in my work. Then in 2018 I listened to this episode of my friend and colleague, Garry Turner’s podcast with Piers Thurston. It led me to tears – tears of delight that someone seemed to have taken the essence of Buddhism and made it something that could make a difference in business. This was the Three Principles.

In fact I’ve since discovered that the Principles are the foundation to all of life and therefore are at the foundation of all belief systems and religions – the pure foundation that’s there before we humans layer on systems and robes and gods and mantras and rituals.

When I started to learn more I began to feel torn. Part of me was still excited about the thought of learning these Principles, but my intellectual thinking started to bring in doubt. I became cynical and sceptical – this sounds like a cult, or brainwashing. This sounds far too good to be true. Or maybe it’s just the same old wine in sparkly new bottles. Maybe I’ll be throwing my time and money away by following this path.

Again, thanks to Garry who attended a retreat with Piers ahead of my learning starting, he was able to reassure me that this really WAS something different and something I would want to explore.

And so it began. Within a month (3 sessions) of working with Piers I was feeling different. Life seemed lighter and brighter. Four months in and I felt that almost every aspect of my life and work was easier.

I’ve gained huge benefits: Now my normal is to be in flow, to feel calm, to respond to the world as it appears (not as I think it should be). I have frequent realisations that provide the insight I need when I need it. Decision-making is easier. My productivity has increased. My relationships and work have all improved, as has my parenting. Plus I no longer meditate – something I’d started to gain all those benefits I’ve just listed. Now I don’t need it.

This learning is so foundational that it raises the water in the harbour, which means that all the boats naturally rise.

So how is this work different?

Normal psychology is about applying tools, approaches and methodologies to help us feel OK.  Often things which meet our basic needs: to belong, to feel valued and to feel in control.  This “normal” psychological work is focused on what we’re thinking and feeling, and why we’re thinking and feeling that.  It requires effort and practice on the part of the learner, to build new habits of thinking and behaving.  And it does make a difference, just not as consistently as…

Natural psychology or how our system works. It is in fact how our system has always been working, but which “normal psychology” points us away from and masks.

Until finding this understanding, I believed I was helping people in the best way possible by enabling them to get to the real root of what was holding them back.  And there was definitely progress and improvement – I’d been a recipient of such improvements myself.  But now I see that this understanding precedes any of that work and so sits beneath, around and within all of that.  In fact it was this all along that was really making the difference.  I just didn’t know to look and see that.

The foundational nature of this work makes it all-pervasive, reliable and sustainable.

So my business is still Wild Fig Solutions because the Wild Fig tree, with the deepest roots in the world, remains entirely – and even more – relevant.

The best thing about the learning and experience I’ve gained over my 20+ years in people and development, is that I can now move up and down the scale from Normal to Natural psychology and meet your needs in the most useful way.

When we work together:

  • I listen, I ask, I challenge, I tell
  • I provide space for you to question what you’ve always thought to be true
  • I sit, truly knowing, that you’re full of innate brilliance and wellbeing, with the capacity for great insight in any moment


So my purpose?

To unleash the true potential of leaders

My ambition is to enable leaders to gain this understanding, shift to Clarity, Contentment and Connection, and release their own and others’ potential.

Great leaders > Empowered teams > Improved results


My badges!

I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching through Barefoot Coaching and the University of Chester



I’m an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation)




I’m also a Chartered Member of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)



My toolkit…

My Three Principles practice is shaped by the work of Syd Banks, with thanks to Piers Thurston, Michael Neill, Jamie Smart, Liz ScottNicola Bird, Ken Manning, Garret Kramer, Andy Winter who’ve all played their part in my learning.

Prior to this, my “Normal Psychology” work was grounded in Neuropsychology; Design Thinking; Mindfulness; Art for Work’s Sake; Time to Think; NLP; Gestalt; Cognitive Behavioural Coaching; Chimp Paradox; Street Wisdom; Think On; Future, Engage, Deliver.


How my clients describe me…

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My career journey…

I worked in HR for fifteen years. The last ten were in Boots UK where I started with nuts and bolts discipline and grievance before being promoted to a Regional role for the more complex ‘at risk of tribunal’ work.  After that I became an HR Partner and Coach for senior teams in Head Office to help their departments be successful; and finally I led a strategic Organisational Development project for Boots’ stores.

Towards the end of my time in Boots I discovered professional coaching.

The GROW model has its value in the right context, and this coaching I do is different. This coaching gets to the heart of what’s going on for you, it helps uncover what’s holding you back, it develops your emotional intelligence and resillience, it helps you find a clear purpose so you can step forward confidently.

The professional coaching I received back in 2013 helped me to make the shift and start my business, and for this I will always be grateful to Prashant Jadav who was my coach then.

In 2018, I then discovered the Three Principles, the work of Sydney Banks.  This is the work that leads to true transformation and which is so needed in the divided, conflict-driven world we live in today.

I’d love the opportunity to bring this experience to you.

Unleashing the true potential of leaders

Clarity : Contentment : Connection

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