The Two Hands Metaphor for Our Nondual Journey — Part 1

This is about a visual metaphor that came to mind in a client conversation recently — about how we go from the being-ness of our nondual nature, to forgetting that, and then remembering.

In conversation with a client the other week, I shared why attachment and identification feels bad — using my hands and the visual metaphor for what’s going on. And the perfection of that bad feeling of attachment and identification.

Think of when you’ve felt attached or identified to something and how that felt. Then contrast it with when you realised the attachment was the source of your suffering. What was the difference between the two?

Do you see how the situation hadn’t changed but your feelings, and ability to move forward with it, had?

We’re often not directly pointed to the fact things only feeling bad because the nondual being that we are has forgotten itself in all the beliefs, ideas and concepts it’s been taught to believe it is.

In that moment you’ve forgotten your essential nature. And feeling better is the remembering of your essential nature.

That is all that’s ever going on when things feel bad or good.

What we all really want — you included — is to wake back up to the being-ness that you really are. To see that there is no ‘me’ (other than in thought), and to enlighten from all the beliefs that you’ve attached and identified with.

Why would we want this?

Because the by-product of this is an easier and happier experience of life. One that is grounded in a deep, stable love. One that is grounded in peace.

So far I’ve not found anyone who doesn’t want more peace, happiness and love.

How about you?

Watch the video. What resonates with your understanding?

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  • Llevelyse Shepley
    10 September 2022 10:12 pm

    Thank you Helen. A gradual awakening for me. I love the visual way you have described this as it makes perfect sense.
    I certainly experience the ickiness when I am attached to a thought that is not the truth. I will listen to your video again.

    • Amazing! Thanks for commenting Llyse. And really a gradual awakening can be a much easier experience. Sudden ones can be very destabilising. We navigate through them of course, but it can be more challenging.


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