The More You There Is The Better

Oo I could feel the contraction of ‘that’s showing off’ as I wrote that title!

More me? That’s not OK. That’s not acceptable, or pleasing to others. That leads to rejection and embarrassment. People will laugh and point fingers and I’ll go red and it will be mortifying.

But that’s not the me I’m talking about.

That me of contraction is one that we don’t need either more or less of — we just need to know it’s not who we are.

When we know it’s not who we are we stop identifying as it.

When we stop identifying as it we also stop identifying with the stories that have been collected around it.

Therefore we stop identifying with stories about what it means to speak up, speak out, or equally to stay quiet.

And speaking can then happen through an increasingly clear channel of flow; absent of resistance.

Does that Make Resistance Wrong?

No. It’s just what happens.

And we might spend the rest of our life experiencing some resistances.

But it really helps to know what they are — that they’re not telling you that you’re wrong, or not enough, or incapable, or unworthy, or embarrassing.

And it really helps to know who you are — the one that is aware of the thoughts, and the stories and the physical contractions, as well as the expansions.

Because in knowing all that, there is more you.

The more you there is the better.

With more you, there comes more space, move love, more welcoming of all as it is, more presence with reality exactly as it is. Including resistances. And more clarity of words and actions. Absent of ideas of should’s and shouldn’ts.

Absent of identification as a me.

What is this me compared to the you?

Check it this way…

Are you always here? Have you always been here, experiencing a life? In all it’s various shapes, sizes and colours.

Has this me always been here? Have you always felt the contraction of shame and embarrassment, or equally have you always felt the puffed-up-ness of better-than?

Is the me (and all its associated stories) a permanent feature every single moment of every single day?

Are you?

So which is more real?

And which feels more like you?

With love, Helen

P.S. This ‘me’ tends to come with alot of stories about money and what that means about me, so in September, we begin a 6-week awakening and enlightenment programme ‘Money and Me’ to recognise who you really are, and to bring spacious understanding to the me and its associated money stories. Find out more here.

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