You’re Always Getting What You Ask For — Including When It Looks Like S#*t

Today I shared Giles P Croft’s video about money and abundance with my community members and in the post I said:

“The video reminded me of how life gives abundantly, whatever we are asking for. So if we believe ‘I don’t deserve…’, ‘I can’t…’ or ‘I’m not good enough at…’ then we will get that — in abundance.

One of the members commented:

“Ooh! Resistance to that sentence that life gives abundantly what we ask for….even if that is not good enough, don’t deserve!!! Ouch — that‘s certainly my experience but never contemplated that that is what ‘I’ am asking for……..?”

I love that this was recognised and shared by this beautiful member, because it is HUGE to see that we are creating our reality…ALL the time. And that if the reality we get looks like a problem, it is only ever pointing us back inwards to look to who we really are, and to clear our own creative channel from the psychological clutter that sends the process a bit wonky.

And yes this is challenging to the idea of self that thinks it’s ‘doing it all right’ in order to make life nice. ‘How dare you suggest I’m asking for all of this difficulty!’

Only an idea of self resists creation. Life loves it all. And you are life.

Here’s how I replied to the comment. Here’s how I see the process of creative channel-clearing has worked for me:

If it looks like a problem then on some level we’re creating it.

Not necessarily consciously, but at some level.

It is a thought-created reality all the way down.

And only your essential nature, the light of awareness, has the power to dissolve wonky thinking.

It seems we begin by seeing the surface layers — ‘oh yes, look at how, when I assume that person is going to be difficult, they behave in a difficult way.’ Or ‘when I assume I won’t be liked I see evidence everywhere of people not liking me’. And ‘wow yes when I believe I’m amazing in the hopes they’ll like me, it really turns people away’.

I sometimes call this the ‘colouring in’ or ‘flavouring’ of life with our surface frustrations, judgements and assumptions.

Then once we’ve seen the workings of that level of thinking, it dissolves, and we’re into the next level — where we see that we have beliefs behind those surface thoughts, like ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I don’t deserve’, etc.

We have these reflected back to us through our experience of the world too — of course: we’re always creating what we ask for. You think you don’t deserve? Then you won’t get. You think you aren’t worth anything? Nobody else will either. You think you do deserve it all? You will get, and it will feel tainted, shallow and unsatisfying.

Anything that looks like a problem is telling you about what you’re believing: not about what you are really like, not about what they are really like, nor about what the world is really like.

The more these problems are seen as gifts to show you your lost, confused, wonky thinking, the more they dissolve.

Dissolution is supported by recognising that maintaining that belief is simply maintaining my suffering. So repeated suffering is really very kindly pointing you to look within. Nothing is ever going wrong.

Beyond this (and this is the point I moved away from language into receiving energy transmissions) the beliefs are so deeply hidden or well-rehearsed that no amount of conversation about them can shine enough light to dissolve them. The world will still reflect them back to you — you are still asking for the same — but it’s like you can’t ‘get at them’. This was when I found energy was needed to flow into the cracks that clumsy words, filtered via a limited mind, can’t reach.

At each level we have our inner thoughts and beliefs reflected back. We are getting what — on some level — we are asking for. We are living in a thought-created reality.

As each level dissolves, more of us — awareness — can shine through which makes the dissolution ever-easier, and which makes the reflections of, and recognitions of, the thoughts that are being seen feel less personal.

All of this leads to a feeling of greater alignment, flow and joyful abundance. The kind of abundance you imagine when you hear that a-word — because what your heart asks for, what you, awareness, ask for, is always loving, joyful, peaceful, ‘right’.

It’s the most direct, honest and effective way I’ve found for clearing up my channel of creation.

How about you?

Much love, Helen

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