The brand colours – an expert’s view

Dark blue tree on the left, curved round teal swirl with a pink fig hanging off the tree into the centre of the swirl

What do colours mean to you? I think for most of us we go through life just accepting that colours exist and that we like some and don’t like others, but of course there’s a whole load of psychology and unrecognised messages in the colours that draw us in or alternatively repel us.

The colours for the new logo mostly came about from sound therapy sessions I had at the end of last year – the teal colour was around my heart in one session, and then my therapist had visuals of a lady from my ancestry dressed in the magenta colour, telling me she was here as a guide. The dark blue just came from a social media post I created around that time and I thought it might go well! Deep huh!

So what would an expert say?

Kate Griffiths who has been called the coaches’ coach, works with leaders who are doing “world work”, who are really good at what they do but don’t feel they have found their sweet spot yet. She’s just one of a handful of Colour Teachers in the UK and I was curious to find out what she thought about my choice of colours. Here’s what she had to say…

I love Helen’s choice of colours for her logo, they are spot on in terms of who she is becoming and what she is here to do; guiding you to rediscover your innate brilliance by dissolving the layers of confusion so you can experience the simplicity of life – balanced, secure and happy.

When I looked at her logo what drew me in was the heart in the middle of the Rose Pink fig. Rose Pink is enlightened Magenta and represents unconditional love, something very few humans witness in this world. And yet this kind of deep love is at the core of all Helen’s work, so don’t be fooled by her composure and calm exterior, she draws on a reservoir of love when sharing her work.

The fig is on a Blue Violet tree. This is a rare colour to find and is a shade of Blue-Lilac. Leaders tend to choose Blue Violet when they feel the urge to speak their spiritual truth. The combination of Blue Violet and Rose Pink are the colours of the spiritual teacher. They are also harmonising colours showing the masculine and feminine energies within a person to be in balance. In fact the energies are so aligned there is no male and female it is all just one. This feels profound because Helen talks about the fact that there is no self . 

Taking these two colours together there is a sense of completion so choosing them suggests you accept that you come from the stars but you are also fully present in the now, in this world and are living your truth.

And then we have the swirl of Teal to complete the image. Spiritually circles represent inclusion, they also represent totality, wholeness, original perfection, eternity, timelessness and the infinite. So you can see this is a powerful image. Teal comes when you blend Blue and Green which means it represents heart-felt communication, which is the most powerful way to influence others as a leader.

Together these two colours suggest ease and flow and the ability to see the truth. What strikes me most is that Helen’s work is about helping others to stop identifying with their story and see the truth. This colour combination clears the story to reveal the essence so the struggle can end. 

It feels like a perfect choice for the work that Helen is doing.

Thank you Kate. And thank you for reading.

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