A theme for LearnConnectDo 2019

On 14th March this year it’s the first LearnConnectDo event of 2019 as these events run into their 4th year now!  Wow.

“These are always thought-provoking and useful sessions!”

CH, previous delegate.

Huge thanks to everyone who has attended, facilitated and helped us along the way – including PKF Cooper Parry who kindly sponsor us by letting us use their amazing workspace for every event. 

This year we’re proud to continue our partnership with Twenty:Twenty with all our profits going to them and the great work they do – building the confidence and skills of young people so they can enter the workforce.  Often these young people are achieving things they never thought possible until they met the team at Twenty:Twenty and experienced what it’s like to have someone believe in your potential.  What a difference to make!

Which brings me onto the theme that’s going to run through the events this year (by the way these are going to be quarterly as usual 14th Mar, 20th June, 20th Sept & 5th Dec).  The theme of the year is a psychological understanding that I learnt last year, and I’m now incorporating into my business, called the Three Principles.

Throughout my coaching career I’ve worked with people to explore their limiting beliefs that are holding them back – and this understanding takes that work to a whole new level. 

One way it’s referred to is “upstream” i.e. a way of seeing how we work that is closer to truth, closer to source and to the basic building blocks of our system.  This is why they’re called Principles – irreducible, universal and consistent. 

Every person in every part of the world experiences life through the Three Principles and therefore an understanding in these provides the foundational understanding to every situation – ever!

Unlike most psychological and developmental interventions, the Principles aren’t exploring the content of a situation and providing a prescription of how to fix that.  Instead they’re showing us how our system works, and has always worked, because once we see that for ourselves everything becomes easier.  From here people gradually – or sometimes rapidly – remove the layers of thought that have kept them hidden and limited, releasing us into freedom and our full potential.

So we’re beginning on 14th March with an introduction to the Three Principles through the lens of personal wellbeing. This is the perfect event for you if you find your mind is always on the go, you’re trying to be all things to all people or you have a hunch that this isn’t how it’s meant to be.

Then in June we’ll be popping back downstream to a Thinking Environment session.  This approach from Nancy Kline gives a taste of how it feels to be in touch with your innate clarity and potential – something you get more of once you’ve “got” the Principles.

Followed in September with another great downstream activity which also gives an experience of the Three Principles in action by accessing our innate creativity and resourcefulness through a Street Wisdom.  Again, something you get more of when you’ve “got” the Principles.  We’ll be running this event during the three days of the Street Wisdom team’s World Wide Wander – an annual event where they get people from all over the world accessing the power of Street Wisdom across three days.

Finally in December…I’m not sure yet.  Maybe we’ll have Cat back for another creative communication session because it was wonderful and another example of how we can create an environment that taps into our innate brilliance.  Or maybe we’ll do another introduction to the Principles, or some meditation….we’ll wait and see what comes up – do let us know if there’s something you’d especially like to see!

“Helen’s skill, commitment and deeply thoughtful approach takes these events from a learning experience to something that enables fundamental shifts.”

KH, previous delegate

So if you’d like to join us on 14th March just book here, and if you have any questions just drop me a note here.

But for now, that’s it from me and I hope to meet you at one of the events this year.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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