How do you create a community?


On 13th September Cat Hase and I ran a Street Wisdom for September’s Learn > Connect > Do event, and welcomed an inquisitive bunch of wanderers to the PKF Cooper Parry offices up here in the East Mids.¬† You can *see some of them there in the photo ūüėČ (*courtesy of Cat’s creative skills and in the absence of us thinking to take photos!)¬† Thanks to these wonderful people buying tickets to find wisdom in the streets, we’ve now upped our total donated to Twenty:Twenty¬†to¬†¬£325¬†so far this year – more than last year’s total already!¬† We’re delighted!!

As well as that great news, I wanted to share about¬†the¬†experience of¬†one of the delegates because it¬†led to learning and insight for me too.¬† This is the kind of brilliance that¬†comes from Street Wisdom and I didn’t even wander!

Jonny, Head of Fundraising at Twenty:Twenty, brought the question Рhow do you create a community?  Clearly an important question for his job, and for many in the world of work whatever the sector.

His first thoughts as he began his quest were “well, an airport¬†runway, how am I going to find inspiration here?’.¬† And of course he did, because our mind is a wonderful thing and Street Wisdom is an amazing tool to access it.

This seemingly dead-end question led to a realisation that the runway is in fact itself¬†a creator of community.¬† All the people who visit the airport, who work there, who transport people there, who work in the businesses that are only there because of their proximity to the airport.¬† These people are all¬†part of that airport¬†community.¬† They might all have different individual, small-group or large-group purposes to be there but they’re all connected by that¬†central tarmac object.¬† All part of that community.

Later that night, or the next morning, I can’t quite remember….I had a realisation too…..multiply that up.¬† Take it bigger.¬† Take the earth.

We might all have our individual, small-group or large-group purposes here but we are all connected.¬† We are all together, living our purposes, connected¬†by this shared central earth-shaped object.¬† All part of this community.¬† And not just humans – plants, creatures, weather, water, mountains…..¬† All connected.

What does this change for you?

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