Hear the emotional man

We in ‘civilised’ society talk of girls and women and their emotional ways

Yet I experience

Again and again

Young boys with strong, clear and overwhelming emotion

What happens as they grow?

Stop crying

Be a man

Grow up

Tears won’t solve it

The control of their uncontrollable helps us feel safe. We teach them control is the way.

We teach them men don’t ‘do’ emotion.

And so the emotion is repressed

The connection denied

The solution thwarted

The relationship unfulfilled

The life that ends

If you’re responsible for raising young men : let them express all they have

If you’re responsible for leading them : do the same

And if you’re that boy who was suppressed : talk to those who can help you most

Male suicide rates are too high for us to keep pretending that being a “man” is the way forward.

Samaritans are reached on 116123

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