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It’s going to be big!! On 30th November Learn > Connect > Do is back with something a bit different. It’s our Christmas event – nice and early to avoid bumping into the partying and quality time with friends and family – and we’re bringing you four – yes four!! – experts to join our learning conversation about Diversity and Inclusion.  If you already know you need this learning jump straight to the booking page on Eventbrite!

(Thanks to Gabriella Driver for sharing this great image from the recent CRF Conference.)

On the back of National Inclusion Week (#NIW2017) last week, and research conducted by PM Insight, this is an essential topic for organisations to engage with. Whether you believe we live in a VUCA world or not, creativity and innovation are essential in work and those qualities will only come through bringing and genuinely including different perspectives and approaches into the workplace’s thinking.


So in November we’re inviting four experts to come and share their knowledge and experience on some of the hot topics in the world of Diversity:

> Disadvantaged young people


> Menopause

> Mental Health

Make sure you read about Joanna, Sean, Deborah and Karen at the end of the post.

At Learn > Connect > Do we believe in an adult approach to learning and we like to do things informally so, for this event, the experts will be available around the room much like a conference exhibition hall – but without any hard sell! So you’ll get to choose which experts you spend your time with – whether that’s 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of them. It’ll be about relaxed conversations – learning, asking and exchanging ideas.


But this event isn’t just about gaining knowledge. We’re also going to explore the barriers to diversity – what stops us when it comes to Inclusion. As a species, we’ve been scared of difference in others for many years – just check out this video if you need evidence for that (thanks to Janice Keyes for the vid). And recent events prove this fear is still prevalent all around us. So we’ll be talking about this barrier and any others you encounter, understanding them and sharing ideas together for how to overcome them.


If we keep doing the same things we’ll keep getting the same results. This is a chance for you to choose to do things differently, to make work better.

It’s going to be a bumper event with mince pies and, of course, chocoloate included! And as usual, all profits will be going to TwentyTwenty so they can continue to do their great work. All this for less than £27!

We’d love to see you there!


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For now, here’s an introduction to our experts…..

Disadvantaged Young People – Joanna Burrows from TwentyTwenty

To represent the perspective of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, Joanna Burrows from TwentyTwenty (Learn > Connect > Do’s charity partner) will be joining us. TwentyTwenty is an award-winning employment support charity specialising in supporting and empowering disadvantaged 11-24 year olds who are disengaged from education or not in education, employment or training (NEET). We break cycles of hopelessness, worklessness and dependency in the most deprived areas of the East Midlands, operating through Lifeskills Centres in Loughborough, Leicester and Derby.

We aim to consistently put the right people, places and opportunities around each young person, to counterbalance some of their persistently difficult home, educational and social experiences. We support young people to develop self-belief and motivation, achieve in education, learn work-ready skills and attitudes and find and keep a good job.


LGBT – Sean Russell from Get Out Stay Out

Sean Russell is passionate about LGBT and enabling employment. He’s the founder of the website: www.getoutstayout.org.uk. As a freelance Consultant and Executive Coach he researches and advises organisations in LGBT employability and in setting up staff networks, as well as coaching senior leaders in universities. In 2011 Sean devised a unique and successful careers and mentoring scheme for LGBT students at the University of Birmingham, involving students, from all years and disciplines, and mentors from a wide range of occupations.

Having started as a teacher, Sean moved to careers advice at the University of Bristol before progressing to Director of Careers Service at the University of Birmingham and then Director of Student Development and Careers at Warwick University. In this role he also had responsibility for student equality and diversity. He’s worked on employability projects for LGBT students and Stonewall and was chair of the Midland LGBT Employee Network from 2011-14.

Menopause – Deborah Garlick from Henpicked.net and Menopause in the Workplace

I’m passionate about helping thousands and thousands of women live better lives by raising awareness and understanding around the menopause, changing perceptions and getting everyone talking about it.  I work with organisations to enable them to shift attitudes to the menopause and provide the support and guidance that women and their managers need.

I am also the founder of Henpicked.net, and a communications director.  Since its launch, Henpicked.net has grown to be one of the UK’s largest, fastest growing communities for women over 40, providing a platform for women to help one another by sharing their wisdom, stories, tips and support. I believe in helping women and that peer-to-peer advice and support is increasingly important in our social media and digital world.


Mental Health – Karen Teago a trained Mental Health First Aider

I care about breaking down the stigma of mental ill health and making it part of the everyday conversation.

Having suffered with depression myself for many years I became a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) so that I could learn more about the broad spectrum of mental health and how I can help. The MHFA course helps raise awareness and support people so they know what to do and say, if they come across someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue, whether at work or in their personal life.

My career so far has included solicitor, business owner, HR professional and I currently work with award-winning (we’re very proud of this fact!) Cloud 9 People. All this plus two small children means life is never dull!


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