#cipdmap16 : Curation of the blogs

Last Saturday, 8th October, saw the third CIPD Midlands Area Partnership event.  Jon Bartlett and I were the blogsquad for the day and thankfully lots of other people were on the # too.  It’s been great to see the numbers of people grow on Twitter at events like these, and there were some good debates happening, as well as straight sharing of content or appreciation of what was being spoken about.


Between us, Jon and I blogged the day, with Jon picking up the mantle for the 3 sessions we both went to (I tweeted those 3 if you want to check out the # too).  So here’s what we captured in one place:

Brexit Breakfast – Richard Barker and Abisola Latunji, Mills and Reeve

I’d been curious what was going to be shared here, given nothing’s yet changed, so it was heartening to hear that nothing has and also it was interesting to listen to the kind of areas where there could be some changes.  All speculation so far but delegates seemed to get a lot from having their thoughts stirred about the kind of impact.

Opening Keynote – Tim Jones, Network Rail and Peter Cheese, CEO CIPD

Two quite different speakers to start the day.  Tim showing how ‘traditional’ industries can move out of old ways of working and embrace a new, more diverse, more purpose-driven approach.  Making a difference to people’s lives through their work – employees, direct customers, and beyond.

Peter then gave one of his wonderfully engaging, passionate talks about the changes that are either here or on their way to our orgs, and the role we have in the people professions to put the human back into the workplace.  Peter highlighted that this is reality and, as good as we are at talking, we need to get out there and do something.  Jon also raises a challenge to ask what we as people professionals will do to enable our organisations to adapt and be ready for the future world that’s already here.


Getting under the surface of workplace behaviour – Karen Meager, Monkey Puzzle

Karen’s session focused on the top 3 challenges that she hears leaders struggle with – arrogance, laziness and bullying.  She talked about the ‘what’ for each of these.  She then talked about the ‘why’ in terms of our brain’s threat response, which is usually what we’re seeing when we observe unhelpful workplace behaviour.  She then gave some tips for dealing with these at a task/action level.

New Organisations, New Jobs – Peter Kay and Jo Werth, Tarmac

As a large, construction organisation which has gone through unbelievable changes in recent years, Peter and Jo talked about these changes, their use of Polarity Thinking (great tool by the way!) and their use of Grit as a basis for development.


Future Technologies – Karyn Murray and Nitin Thakrar, E-Learning Studios 

An interactive session where delegates were using a challenge in their group to create an online game idea, although lacking the clarity about when / why you’d use an online game over any other learning intervention.

Preparing for the Future of Learning – Laura Overton, Towards Maturity

Scary.  Towards Maturity have had research for 10 years showing what the future of L&D needs to look like, and yet only a small % of organisations are actually doing it.  The fundamental shift that I heard through this session is for L&D to become partners with the business – being alongside the business so L&D goals are entirely aligned, asking questions to get to the real learning need, sourcing that from places other than the course manual and developing managers themselves to have conversations with their teams about capability gaps.  It feels there is much to do.

Closing Keynote – Joy Marsden, Just Keep Stepping

A motivational and lighthearted end to the day with Joy, from which many delegates gained inspiration and energy for their challenges in work.  And with a serious message that connected back to some of Peter’s words at the start : is the HR/L&D profession set in its ways and is it busy doing what it needs to do?

And to close with Joy’s final words – “Expect the best, prepare for the worst and make the most of what comes your way”


So until October 2017, happy humanising workplace to you!





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  1. Sounds like a great event Helen, well done. I would particularly like to have heard from Tarmac, working as I do in the chemical and allied industries. I see first hand the lack of focus on purpose and engagement as drivers of learning and success.

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