The MAP is Back!

One month today on 8th October, the CIPD MAP team are back for another of their fantastic annual conferences and I’m very much looking forward to being one half of their resident blogsquad with Jon Bartlett (#CIPDMAP16).

The theme this year is “Building Workplaces for the Future”.

When I read this, I don’t see the theme as – come along and learn some things that you’ll need to apply in the next 3 to 5 years. Not even the next 2 years. This theme says to me – come along to learn the things you need to do now if you want to even have a workplace in the future!

And the first topic is exactly that – Brexit. Well, it will be Brexit for the early birds who book on quick, as there are limited numbers for this extra breakfast-y Brexit session with the two Richards (I don’t think they’re like the two Ronnies…..) of Mills & Reeve. They’ll be looking at the legal implications that have already been seen – and Article 50 hasn’t even been triggered yet!

Then for those who are the more sleepy birds, Peter Cheese and Tim Jones (Network Rail) are going to officially start the day with their keynote about leading and motivating a diverse workforce – how do you target the recruitment and development of the people YOU need for your organisation? I see and hear more organisations realising they need to market themselves to their potential and existing employees in the same way they might market their products and services to customers so I’m wondering if there’ll be some of this in here.

Coffee (and tasty treats?) later there’s a choice of four workshops. My top one here is “the complexity of people issues – getting under the surface” with Karen Meager. My interest has a few angles. One is that I am a wholehearted believer in getting under the surface, it’s where my business name came from and connects to my coach training which is underpinned by psychotherapy – something Karen has a background in.

Second is that I have a huge passion about making complexity OK – especially in work where control and order are the name of the game. I’ve not entirely cracked it yet, I’m still learning, hence my recent musings on it, but I’m keen to keep learning and practicing the balance of complexity and control, and all in the context of us oh-so-complex-and-ever-changing human beings. John Leary-Joyce gives a great description, of the complexity we experience every day, in his latest book where he uses the metaphor of a motorway: imagine looking at a busy motorway from a bridge and seeing the constant accelerating, braking, overtaking, exiting, joining… Then imagine the vehicles can move in 3D, going over and under each other. Then imagine both carriageways have merged into one with no central reservation and no width limits. This is the independent and connected complexity of each of us in life. Something I think it’s worth getting into and bringing to the surface. We just can’t keep ignoring it and pretending it will go away. So, yes, Karen’s workshop I am very much looking forward to!

After lunch, I’m then undecided about whether to go to the session with Joanne Werth and Peter Kay (no, not that one, although I’m sure he’ll be just as good!) from Tarmac or to go to Laura Overton’s session about “developing talent: preparing for the future of learning”. Talent’s a word that’s everywhere at the moment so I’m keen to get input from another perspective about what it means to the team at Towards Maturity.

However, Joanne and Peter are talking “new organisation, new roles” and given the size and pace of change in Tarmac in recent years it would be great to hear where things are for them at the moment…..

A decision for another day…. And of course Jon Bartlett and I will spread ourselves across the sessions so whatever I (or you!) can’t physically be at, there’ll still be the chance to catch up on the key themes from him, and everyone else that gets involved on Twitter on the day! The more voices we have on there the richer the insights and learning. 

If you’re not already on Twitter and find it all a bit weird / scary / unknown / pointless, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you don’t need to tweet to see the content. And even if you sign up to experiment or MAP, it doesn’t have to be a forever thing if you don’t like it.  In the wise words of parents everywhere for kids with new foods, you won’t know unless you try.  All you need to do is set up an account (with or without a photo), search for #CIPDMAP16, and then you can follow the tweets from everyone else. There’s a great learning community of HR, L&D, OD and coaching pros on there who Jon and I would be happy to connect you to. We always welcome new voices to the people party*!

So whether I see you IRL (‘in real life’) on the day, or online, I can’t wait for the great learning and conversations of #CIPDMAP16!!



*Disclaimer – no prosecco provided via the Twitter people party!

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