#CIPDLDShow 2015 is nearly here!

Can you believe the 13th and 14th May are just around the corner when people who are interested in stuff to do with learning, developing, training, facilitating, coaching…. will be heading to the Olympia in London for another amazing two day Learning and Development event hosted by the CIPD, this year sponsored by the Open University.

I’m excited!  These events are always a great chance to hear what’s going on in the world of L&D, what’s going on in other organisations, as well as a chance to continue to learn about your personal professional career development.  This all happens……

> in the exhibition hall where there are free 30 minute taster sessions through the day

> in the seminars and workshops where case studies and experiences are shared in more detail

> and in the coffee areas and round the stands where you meet fascinating people with fascinating stories to tell.

I’m humbled and honoured to be invited by the CIPD to be part of the Blog Squad again this year – this is a bunch of us who love to write and share people stuff on Social Media, and who care about better work and working lives.  We’re responsible for tweeting and blogging from the event so that more people can benefit from what’s going on, and so that when you have two things at once that you want to go to, there’s a good chance someone else will be sharing stuff from the one you can’t make.

Of course we’re not exclusive in this social sharing stuff and last year there were more people than ever tweeting from the sessions. A great way to get the conversation bigger and broader.  More brains = better thinking = better results!

I’m especially looking forward to attending a load of stuff about leadership development with a sprinkling of neuroscience.  Employees continue to tell us we’re not developing our leaders well enough (about half don’t think they have a great boss).  And great leadership is difficult because it often goes against many of our natural engrained and learned tendencies, behaviours and habits.  Which is where neuroscience, and getting to the root of the challenge, is the place I love to play.  So I’m looking forward to hearing and sharing some of the latest thinking in how we help people to be great leaders more of the time.

If you can make it, what are you waiting for?  Register for free here.

I’m also running a free fringe event called Learn > Connect > Do for sole practitioners because it’s easy to go to these conferences, fill your head with stuff, and then not be sure what to do with it all when you get back to work.  A challenge made even harder when you might be the only one where you work who does this people stuff.  So this is a chance to share what you’ve learnt with others who have similar challenges so that you can grow your network and transfer your learning better to make a bigger difference.  Just click here to book.

If you can’t make it then maybe next year.  And in the meantime, this is the Blog Squad team who you can follow on twitter to see their tweets and blogs whenever it’s convenient for you.

And follow the #cipdldshow for tweets from many more people!

Happy learning!


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