Wholeness is Your Nature

Firey red and yellow image like paint merging together

Wholeness is your nature.

The spiritual essence that you are is wholeness itself, already. How could something ever be outside of something that is infinite? Pause a moment. Recognise that truth. How could something ever be outside of something that is infinite? Feel that in your body.

The human experience that you live is whole, already. It already includes all the possible experiences. All the ups and all the downs. All the ‘acceptable’ and all the ‘unacceptable’. And how could any of this ever truly be thrown away, or got rid of?

Can you move, hide, suppress or avoid in the human experience? Yes, it seems so. But could any experiences ever truly be ejected from the infinite wholeness that you really are? Are they ever truly ejected from the human experience? Or are they simply swept under the carpet? Hidden in the shadows?

If so, it’s this that doesn’t feel like wholeness.

Denial, resistance, rejection, dismissal, distraction-away-from, suppression, avoidance, vigilance, hiding, doubt — none of this feels like wholeness.

When you stop moving your human experience around like chess pieces on a board.

When you stop trying to strategically position it all in the right squares (while at the same time feeling terrified the ‘wrong’ one might pop out at any moment).

When you stop trying to pretend this isn’t already wholeness.

You feel the wholeness that you are — in all ways. You feel the spiritual wholeness of your nature, and you include all the human wholeness of your lived experience.

And it gets peaceful.

“And instead it was simply included.

Because it was there.


Helen Amery, from Whole-istic Enlightenment month

With love, Helen


Doors open again for The Enlightenment Event on 29th July.

In the meantime, other ways to work with me to remember your wholeness are here.

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