Cleansing Light for Igniting Inner Fires

Fire on the beach with sun setting on the ocean horizon behind

A couple of years ago, we had a retreat day in Derbyshire and what a day! So to have Heather Egginton bring that memory back, and to hear her memories of it, was wonderful. I’d never even heard the full impact of the transmission I offered that day! Have a read to see if you’ve experienced what Heather describes.


“The first time I experienced a silent energy transmission from Helen, we were sat on tree branches in the middle of the woods.

There were five of us meeting for an in person women’s circle that day, two years ago, sometime in rainy and sunny June.

Honestly,  I had no idea what to expect, it was a last minute invitation because Helen wanted to practice.

So there I was, along with the other lovely souls, sat in the middle of the woods with zero clue about what was about to happen!

For what truly felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life, I sat in silence with my eyes closed and received whatever it was I was meant to get.

My mind wanted me to give up, my feelings were rampant, my body felt frustrated, my arse was rather wet aswell lol and for what felt like forever I wanted to be anywhere else but right there in that present moment.=

Then my ears started to pop.

My body started to give in to whatever it was I was receiving.

My mind fell silent.

My feelings settled in pure bliss.

Ohhh the clarity, I could see so clearly red & white lights merging together in front of my eyes.

I had connected to what felt like something greater than me.

My whole.

My home.

This natural state of being.

The truth of who I was and what I was made of.

Without the programs, conditions, filters, beliefs and con-structures propping me up.

Everything fell into its right-full place.

There was nothing I needed to understand, workout or process.

I was the all and the all was me.

Although at the time I had no idea what it was, I see soo clearly now it was actually a personal enlightenment event taking place within me.

I’d moved past the knowing into the unknowing known.

This is exactly what we will be creating together in the whole-istic session I have the pleasure of hosting with you.

Once we are all connected to our whole, homed in on our own natural gifts (aligned expressions), we are all going to ask and receive truly what we want our lives to BE from this day forward.

Crafting and embodying our natural way of IN-lighting, connecting, communicating and creating with our whole-self.

The whole fire 🔥 will be lit, all that is left for us to “do” from there is to honour and obey it.”

Thank you Heather!

Much love, Helen

Want to get involved?

July is for Whole-istic Enlightenment – doors open Thursday 27th June till 3rd July. Read more here.

This month Imogen Sita Webber brings Divine Light Transmissions (like the one from this day Heather’s described), and Heather Egginton brings this opportunity to drop into the space of the unknowing known for whole self connection.

You get to feel the reconnecting light and fire of your whole self. To feel complete. To feel whole. To feel good and at peace.

You get to choose the payment level that works for you: £333, £177 or £87.

You get everything for July’s journey of live experiential calls (and the recordings).

You get access to all the archives from the last 5 months.

Read more here.



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