You Can Relax

The world is running off a subconscious fear of relaxing. It’s this that drives addiction to working and doing. It’s this that prevents balance and creates mental and physical illness. So today I offer you a transmission to lighten that programming.

We’re so afraid of relaxing. We imagine that if we relax we’re opening ourselves up to danger. We think that we’ll miss something important. Or get something wrong…and look stupid….and be rejected…and…instantly we’re in the mind’s worst fears and feeling that fear in our body…and then finding a problem in the world to blame for the fearful feelings!

So we don’t relax.

But this vigilance is making us sick — mentally and physically.

And I’ve seen, in my experience, and in the experience of my clients, that when we relax — when we remember that our very nature is relaxed-ness, and that our very nature is the ‘right’ response for this moment — things go SO much better. Because now we’re in alignment.

So I loved it when the message ‘you can relax’ came through during an energetic tune-in for a client recently. He felt it in the receiving of it, and his system instantly relaxed.

I was then guided to make You Can Relax the theme for that day’s live transmission. You can join me for it here.

Instantly it became the most liked and one of the most watched transmissions of them all. And some of those who’ve joined have shared their experiences:

“Loved this transmission. I listened in a quiet time today.
Felt like I was floating for a while, lovely.”

“I felt much more open and light after this”

“I slept so well after this! And woke up with such a nice feeling.”

If you’d like this too, join me for the 23 mins of this transmission. You will receive the aligning context to the theme: You Can Relax, and then you get to RELAX and receive for 15 mins.

For your opening, lightening, lovely-ness and nice feelings.

With love, Helen

P.S. This is from my #100DayofTransmissions series, go to this Playlist if you’d like to see which other themes you’re drawn to join me for. Like and Subscribe to get all the latest.

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