The Seeker’s Guide to Life by Andrew Sewell

A beautifully succinct summary of the journey of awakening, and into enlightenment. Read this to see what you’ve already travelled and what else might be available to you.

In Overview

The Seeker’s Guide to Life

1. Recognise that you are not your thoughts.

2. Connect with the sensations of the body. The tingling, the heaviness, the tightness. Don’t add concepts to this, such as I’m angry, or stressed or irritated, or whatever. Also, don’t try to get rid of anything. Just breathe into the feelings and accept whatever arises.

3. Underneath your thoughts and perceptions (sights, sounds, sensations, etc), there’s pure awareness. This is your true nature, the only thing about you that never changes. Built into this is a sense of peace, stillness, quiet joy, contentment.

4. You can start to get a felt sense of this pure awareness by putting your attention on your hand. Can you feel a kind of low-level buzzing? It’s a background feeling of aliveness. It’s beneath any ideas you have about what’s going on or stronger sensations like aches or pains. The key thing is that it’s always there and never changes. (Andrew subsequently gave appreciation to The Complete Book of Awakening for this experiment from Exploration 4.1.)

5. The next step is to intuit that this pure awareness isn’t limited to your body. It’s an expansive stillness, silence, emptiness. And it never stops. Words are useless at this point. The truly mind-blowing thing to realise is that awareness at this deeper level is your essential nature.

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