A Still Mind Isn’t An Absence of Thought

Have you tried to still the mind? Or stop your thoughts? Do you get frustrated and feel deflated when you can’t? Well there’s good news because that’s not the goal. You’re not looking for a still mind.

Oh but that’s not the goal.

It’s a common misconception that – if I’m to be awakened and have the beautiful, contented, easy, flowing life that I know is available – I have to stop the mind from being so active. I have to keep my mind still.

Have you ever tried that?

You can give it a go now.

Why is it like this?

The mind’s nature is activity. It is a thing. It is an object in awareness. Things change, move, come and go. It’s what they do.

You don’t actually want that anyway.

What you want is the recognition of, and living as, the beauty, contentment, ease and flow of your nature.

Photo by Ruslan Alekso: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-meditating-in-the-middle-of-pathway-1525852/

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