Awakening and Enlightenment Are Mutually Supportive

I distinguish between the process of awakening and enlightenment. But they aren’t really two separate processes. They are intimately interwoven and mutually supportive. Have a read and see if this resonates for you too.

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  • Llevelyse Shepley
    23 January 2023 5:53 am

    It is of interest too me, that today I found myself in a situation, where Ross had said that he would open the gates and garage for me when I came home. This had not happened. My thought came, he cannot be good at everything. If I was living on my own I would be doing this for myself anyway. So this diffused the situation for me. Not quite Awakening and Enlightenment, or is it the start!

    • Hi Llyse, yes it sounds like a great example of enlightenment. Sometimes we create ideas of awakening and enlightenment being something big and fancy but these quiet, simple moments in everyday life are all signs. If you were lost in the mind’s narrative you’d have probably believed a judgmental thought and followed through on its ‘instructions’ about what he’s like, and you might have had a go at him. The fact there was space to allow something more loving to come through shows greater identification as yourself (awakening) and enlightenment of old, stale judgements. By the way, none of this prevents you also being able to say ‘I’d love it if you could open the gate next time, it really helps me out.’ (Or similar) Being in full acceptance of life includes making requests of others and saying no. It’s just the angst, judgement and need has fallen away.


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