Working Together

I work with leaders who want to shift the culture of their business.  This includes CEOs, MDs and Directors who recognise that being an empowering leader is key – and that this is hard to do on your own.  These leaders are committed to making changes for themselves, and enabling others to do the same.  They have an open, ‘always learning’ mindset and the ability to reflect.  They’re beginning to spot signs that what they’re currently doing isn’t working and that something needs to change.

rowing together

These grounding principles are important to me and my work, maybe they resonate with you too, and they’re in pairs because we rarely only need one end of a spectrum, there’s a balance of both to be reached :

My aim is for you to become independent of me. My role is to enable you to be capable and successful on your own.
Park Benches
We’re in it together. While we get to a place of independence I work shoulder-to-shoulder with you, collaborating to achieve your goal, achieving more and better than we could on our own.
As my best ever boss did with me, I’m there to support you and provide space for you to do great thinking.
Walking in Dessert
My best ever boss also challenged me and made me feel uncomfortable. I will do this with you because I know this helps to make the greatest changes.
I value expertise. Yours as an expert in your business. Mine as a coach, facilitator and trainer.
Broken Spider Web
Always Learning
To maintain expertise an attitude of always learning is essential because nobody knows everything.
We’re brilliant at spotting what’s gone wrong and what’s not working. I help you focus on what’s good, what you’ve already achieved and what you can do.
Beautiful Scenery from Cave
Nothing and nobody is perfect. We’re all a work in progress which means everything around us is too. Spotting barriers and challenges early will help you be more successful.
Free to choose
There is always a choice – the options might not be exactly what you want but there is always a choice.
Trees in Forrest
Sometimes we don’t want choices, we just want someone else’s advice or perspective.