Working Together

I work with leaders who want something different. CEOs, MDs and Directors who recognise that things will only change if something changes.  Leaders who are committed, curious and open minded. Leaders who know that it all begins with them – “being the change we want to see in the world”.

rowing together

These grounding principles are important to me and my work and help us get the most from our time together:

My aim is for you to become independent of me. My role is to reconnect you to your full capability and success.
Park Benches
We’re in it together. While you move to that place of independence I work shoulder-to-shoulder with you, collaborating to achieve the shifts that will make the difference.
As my best ever boss did with me, I’m there to support you and provide space for you to do great thinking.
Walking in Dessert
My best ever boss also challenged me and made me feel uncomfortable. I will do this with you because I know this helps to make the greatest changes.
I value expertise. Yours as an expert in your life and business. Mine as a coach, facilitator and trainer.
Broken Spider Web
Always Learning
An “always learning” attitude is essential to continued progress and deepening expertise.
The excitement of believing in impossible things is where boundaries are pushed and human brilliance flourishes. The potential within you is waiting to be released.
Beautiful Scenery from Cave
Life is literally what we make it. I help you see that there is no such thing as a barrier or block. Life is just life.
There is always more than one way to go. I point you towards these if you can’t see them for yourself. As you gain clarity the one to follow becomes obvious.
Trees in Forrest
Sometimes we just need to be told new things or given new information. I do this too.
Clarity : Connection : Compassion
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