Emma Ellis

I engaged Helen Amery in May 2015. Our program has evolved into a comprehensive business improvement plan tailored to the needs of the participants and the Company. I am consistently impressed by Helen’s ideas, innovation and knowledge. Her real-world business experience means she is insightful and challenging whilst ensuring that the proposed solutions are tangible and realistic.

Coaching has brought ideas and inspiration to the values of our organisation as well as developing and improving communication. So far, for all participants it has proven to be a journey of self-exploration towards becoming more effective as teams, managers and leaders.

Personally, Helen’s coaching has enabled me to work on achieving a better balance between personal and business needs. I have also been able to establish a more objective view of the current position of my business and better facilitate my own role in moving the business forward.

I have no hesitation in recommending Helen to any business prepared to undertake the sometimes painful process of self-examination in the search for continuous improvement.

Emma EllisManaging DirectorBioCare Ltd