When we know better, we do better

I heard this phrase from Oprah Winfrey, who heard it from her mentor, who no doubt heard it from someone in her life. It’s stayed with me ever since and then it came up in an exploration with a client this week. This is what we noticed.

"When we know better, we do better" Oprah Winfrey. www.wildfigsolutions.co.uk

In my work, I explore with clients what might seem ethereal and intangible. We talk about the nature of reality, we explore who we really are behind the ideas of who we think we are. We work way upstream, before thought, in the empty but alive and rich space from which all thoughts, all ideas, all freshness comes. read more

#CIPDOD15 Embedding Transformational Change

First session is with Prof Julia Balogun, Associate Dean of Research at the School of Management in the Uni of Bath – wow that’s a long title!

This is a quick intro intended to inspire practitioners to consider alternative approaches to change and helping OD practitioners to drive their own capability.  Whatever impact you want to have in the world, it starts with you.

Julia’s research is about helping people put theory of change into practice.  The case study orgs were BBC Worldwide, HMRC (psnl tax), News UK and Zurich UK Life.

Julia’s been researching change for about 20 years.  What she found –

There’s a new generation of CEOs who understand there’s a need for a long-term approach that brings the various elements of change together and in the best sequence.

There’s a need to invest in the softer aspects, not just structures and systems.  Good to hear when systems and structures are created by people.  Makes people-focus pretty fundamental.

There’s more effort to get strategy to the front line so that ‘leadership rhetoric’ gets to the people who are really impacted and need to bring this to life.

They found 3 Transformational Themes –

  1. Building Leadership for Change (led by a CEO with a clear agenda, expert facilitation, no need to be heroes making the change happen alone)

2. Building Understanding of and Commitment to Change (engagement events – don’t have to be one big conference thing, they can be small and local to build dialogue, comms – people in senior positions talking and role modelling for the desired future – not about news letters, clarity through detail, changing patterns of interactions – changing habits)

3. Enabling Change (creating change advocates, removing obstacles and providing tools, acting on measurements)

HR and OD need to partner with the senior team – this isn’t about one or other being able to do this alone.