The brilliance of life — when you know what to look for

I’m writing today with an offer. An offer to shift your perspective around the human experience of this thing we call our life. On the other side of that shift is everything we’ve been looking for.

River - Content at the bottom - apparent reality. Programming in the middle represented as a sandbank - stories, concepts, beliefs. True Nature at the top - the source of infinite potential and creativity.

This image is a useful way to see where I’m inviting you to look. Most of us have grown up entirely focused in the content of experience — what’s going on in this apparent reality in front of us. Then some people might move into therapy, counselling and coaching which encourage the exploration of the programming — why is this happening, where did that belief come from. I’m pointing you to true nature as the source of all of life, the real ‘you’ behind the imagined ‘you’. read more

Street Wisdom Leicester

img_1195Last Thursday, on a lovely sunny day, Phil Willcox and I met up with an eager group of Street Wisdom’ers in Leicester for Learn > Connect > Do.  Some had experience of Street Wisdom before, while for most it was their first time.  I’m not going to write about the way these awesome sessions run, you can read more about that here, img_1197but I wanted to share some photos of a great afternoon, including the post-event debrief which was at Dolce & Verde – great coffee if you’re ever in Leicester or Rothley.  After drinks and cakes, the Wisdomer’s went on their ways with thoughts and plans in their heads about how to keep a hold of their learning and put different actions in place for the questions they were asking.

And if you’re interested in future Learn > Connect > Do events, send your email address to me at and I’ll get you on the mailing list.  We’re a group of people professionals who care about work being better and we meet quarterly at Meridian, Leicester.  The point of the events is to: LEARN > leave with something you didn’t have when you came in; new insights or knowledge on the topic, and a new facilitation tool or approach.  CONNECT > meet others who also care about making work better and who bring a different perspective or experience to you, broadening your possibilities.  DO > make a commitment to do something tangible in your work – things will only be different if we take different action.

The next event is 3-6pm on 1st December with Dan Pilling who’ll be using Pecha Kucha to get us all talking about our workplaces and whether we still even need offices.  You can book here. (Jo Stephenson’s session using Thinking Environment (a la Nancy Kline) will now be on 9th March 2017)  We’d love to see you at both of these!  #LearnConnectDo

“Feedback would happen all the time if…..” – #FeedbackCarnival

I started writing a post on feedback the other week because it’s something that comes back again and again as something we all struggle to do.  Even if we’re giving feedback about how great something’s been we can still feel awkward and not deliver it well – is that a British thing?  And then there’s the feedback when we’ve spotted something that, if changed, could help someone improve in some way.  The supposed ‘negative’ feedback.

So I started with the post, and it grew, and it grew – limiting beliefs, our past, our present, our brain’s propensity to spot the bad, our ego….. I was chatting to Phil Willcox about it and that it might need to become a series of posts, when he had the awesome idea of having a #FeedbackCarnival in the same way that Steve Browne and Sukh Pabial have done before, and similar to Kate G-L‘s Advent blog series.

So, let’s see what amazing things we can discover, what breakthroughs we can inspire, what some combined brainpower can do to move away from feedback being such a ‘thing’ that we continue to struggle with.

To help guide your thinking I have a theme to follow….. “Feedback would happen all the time if…….”

All you have to do is –

  • Write a post during April – either on your own site, or if you don’t have one I’m more than happy to put it on mine as a guest post – just email me the word doc of it
  • Think of what would make it possible for feedback to happen all the time
  • E-mail me a link to your post at: and I’ll make sure you’re included in the final curation
  • Use the hashtag #FeedbackCarnival when sharing on SoMe
  • read more