Uncertainty can feel shaky but there’s a reason for that

With changes afoot in my life I momentarily got caught up, believing the scary movie in the thought-reel of my mind. All perfectly designed to wake me up.

Uneven ground road sign

Things look uncertain.

I just had a meeting that’s confirmed a significant price of work with a client is coming to an end after Q1.

I left the meeting (later than planned) and got a flat tyre, currently waiting to be recovered.

Two kids are at home alone, first time on their own together (they’re known to argue!) for longer than intended. read more

Judgement Day

The events in Paris last week saw one of the most extreme forms of judgement possible.  People with a belief in something so strong that they chose to judge those who believed differently, and end their lives so they couldn’t believe it anymore.

There’s been enough coverage on this topic that I don’t want to use this post to explore it further.  But what I do want to talk about is the fact that we are surrounded by judgement all day every day and we don’t even notice it.

We judge things as good or bad, right or wrong, for pretty much every waking moment.

We judge others for having too much money, and for not having enough.

We judge others for being beautiful, and for not being beautiful enough.

We judge others for doing their job well, and for not doing it well enough.

And we judge ourselves for being ‘good enough’ or not.

So often we attach negative meaning, have negative beliefs, make negative judgements about people or situations.  And yet most of what we see of people is 10% of who they really are.  Most of who they are is beneath the surface, possibly so far down that they aren’t even aware of it themselves.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

Here are a few real life recent examples of how judgement of others affects how we feel and how we then behave…….

I read a Harvard Business Review email saying that managers who are morning people are more likely to believe someone’s work performance is below standard if that person’s requested, and works, a later working day – because they believe the person’s lazy. read more