#cipdmap16 : Curation of the blogs

Last Saturday, 8th October, saw the third CIPD Midlands Area Partnership event.  Jon Bartlett and I were the blogsquad for the day and thankfully lots of other people were on the # too.  It’s been great to see the numbers of people grow on Twitter at events like these, and there were some good debates happening, as well as straight sharing of content or appreciation of what was being spoken about.


Between us, Jon and I blogged the day, with Jon picking up the mantle for the 3 sessions we both went to (I tweeted those 3 if you want to check out the # too).  So here’s what we captured in one place:

Brexit Breakfast – Richard Barker and Abisola Latunji, Mills and Reeve

I’d been curious what was going to be shared here, given nothing’s yet changed, so it was heartening to hear that nothing has and also it was interesting to listen to the kind of areas where there could be some changes.  All speculation so far but delegates seemed to get a lot from having their thoughts stirred about the kind of impact.

Opening Keynote – Tim Jones, Network Rail and Peter Cheese, CEO CIPD read more