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My book – Let’s Get Honest About: Work

When the cracks start to show, it’s time for a new paradigm. Disillusionment is one of those cracks. When we begin to doubt how things have always been done, when we begin to question whether this is really the way, it’s time to get a fresh perspective. This is what this book provides. An entirely new way of thinking about business and the practices and approaches that have become commonplace. This book invites you to look behind the curtain to what’s really going on so you move forward with clarity.

Interviews on others’ podcasts

Mental health – how to maintain it during lockdown – when I was interviewed by Hung Lee for Recruiting Brainfood March 2020

My journey with the Three Principles – before and during and afterQuality of Mind Podcast with Piers Thurston 2018


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Rehumanising work article for HR Zone

Emotional Intelligence for Training Zone

Other people I recommend you check out

Insight Principles – Ken, Rob and Sandy – leading coaches in the business arena. You can watch Ken talking about the workings of our psychological system in his TED talk here. This is an explanation of the principles that I and all these coaches are exploring with our clients. Ken, Rob and Sandy wrote this great book which describes what’s going on with our psychology in a wonderfully simple and clear way.

Michael Neill – a leading coach in the field with a very accessible, short Monday morning podcast. He’s also written a few books. The Inside Out Revolution is a great place to start.

Barb Patterson – a leading coach in the field who works with entrepreneurs and businesses. Her podcast is here.

Piers Thurston – my original coach in this work. Piers enables businesses to do change brilliantly from a high quality of mind. His podcast is insightful and challenging.

Amy Johnson – Amy specialises in habits and dependencies such as eating disorders. Her podcast is here.

Nic Bird – Nic specialises in areas like anxiety, stress, depression and PTSD. Her podcast is here.