Developing your Team

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The pace, demands and complexity of work-life are increasing. Teams that have clarity, space and purpose make sound decisions and deliver what’s required.

Some of the challenges you might be facing in your team are, a lack of trust, fear of raising important issues, disengagement, constant change, ineffective decision making, a lack of clarity and purpose.

How can we help?

Helen and ZoeWith Aligning Teams I have partnered with Zoe Jepson. Our role is to work with you and your team to help you learn how to navigate challenges better and gain clarity, space and purpose.

Every team is different, with its own dynamics and unique needs. Our team coaching is bespoke and shaped to your specific requirements around the Aligning Teams four stage approach.

Team benefits

  • a clear and true picture of what’s really going on
  • increased engagement
  • awareness of key strengths
  • openness and diversity of thinking
  • courage to challenge unhelpful dynamics
  • ability to learn from past mistakes
  • collective ability to make robust and sound decisions

Organisation Benefits

  • strategic alignment and clarity of purpose and direction
  • retaining and attracting the best talent
  • creation of competitive advantage by enabling teams to add value through innovation

Call us – to find out how to create clarity, space and purpose within your team or get in touch here.

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About Zoe and Helen

Having both studied Business and Personal Coaching with Barefoot Coaching Ltd, Zoe and Helen discovered that when they worked with senior executives on a one-to-one basis, there was a limit to the change an individual could effect on their own, whether in a team or organisation – even if they’re the MD or CEO.  This is where Team Coaching comes in. In early 2016 they trained as Team Coaches and now work in partnership to help their clients to take the next step in their development.

Zoë Jepson

Zoë is highly qualified coach and facilitator with over 20 years of Learning & Development experience, and has worked with a diverse range of individuals, teams and organisations to bring positive and transformational change.

Zoe and Helen

Helen Amery

Helen cares about making work better by helping leaders be at their best. With over 15 years in HR, learning & development and coaching. Helen brings a breadth of experience which, combined with her career in retail, results in a pragmatic commercial approach. Her purpose is to create a world of great leaders, engaged teams, improved results.