A new year, a new decade – no should’s

Image of water with a quote about not needing to celebrating new year in any particular way. No rights and wrongs. What happens is what happens.

We’ve constructed new year’s eve on 31st December.

But what if you’re Jewish or Chinese or Pagan?

Then we’ve constructed the idea of new year as a time for reflection, for celebrating or mourning what’s passed, for looking ahead to what’s next.

What if we knew that we didn’t have to do any of it?

What if we could just be here now?

Then, in this moment, reflecting might happen, planning or dreaming of a future might happen. Naturally, easily.

See the constructs for what they are and you’re free to live your life without the voice of ‘should’ as an energy-sapping nag in your ear.

With love, for this moment, and for the moment as we tip into an apparent new year, Helen 

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