Carnival Time!! How do we make every day a learning day?

In a couple of months, on 10th and 11th May, the Olympia in London will become home to the CIPD Learning & Development Show.

It’s a fantastic learning event – whether you go to the Conference sessions, spend your time on the Exhibition floor and in the taster sessions, or talking to fellow delegates – there’s something for everyone!

This year, there’s a theme about embedding learning into everyday activities: Make every day a learning day! And this post is an invitation to you.

As part of the blog squad I’m running a blog carnival – an opportunity for anybody to blog around the theme of how we make every day a learning day which I’ll curate at the beginning of May. The point of this is to get everyone’s thinking juices flowing, to get people thinking and working out loud, and help you shape your purpose for going to the event or following #cipdldshow.

When you go to a conference or exhibition, it’s easy to go, fill your head with a bunch of stuff, fill your bag with a bunch of swag, and leave wondering what you went there for in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, there is much to be gained from the world of serendipity, where you allow things to appear and where you follow your nose in the direction your energy takes you. However there is also much to be gained from having a purpose. Having a reason for going. The ideal is to get a balance between both of these two. Be clear on your purpose and let yourself be led by your energy.

So, this blog carnival is to help you shape what that purpose is for you. Whether you go to the exhibition, the conference or just follow the backchannel (#cipdldshow) having a purpose will help guide your attention to the areas of greatest benefit to you.


So, what do you need to do?

🙂 Write a blog post by the end of April:

Either – Publish it on your own blog site and tell me it’s there – tag me into a tweet or LinkedIn post

Or – put your post in a word doc and email it to me, then I’ll host you on my blog page

🙂 Get sharing:

Share what you’re reading from others so more people can access all the thinking that’s going on

  • Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or share it internally in your organisation

🙂 Use the # in everything! – #cipdldshow– so everyone can follow the content

Then at the start of May I’ll curate all the posts into one big story from which you can refine and hone your purpose for the event – and keep doing the sharing thing with that curation too so others can do their thinking.


What could you write about?

So much!

Maybe your organisation has been shifting its focus towards everyday learning – what’s worked and what hasn’t?

Has this included making coaching conversations the norm? Has this had an impact?

Are you just having more conversations where “what did you learn from that” is a standard question?

Have you introduced brain-friendly learning approaches?

Have you adopted the 70:20:10 approach to learning? What impact has that had?

Are you using more technology for design and content to make learning more relevant?

Are your learners more self-serving using things like Google and Ted Talks?

How have your leaders helped, or are they hindering, a shift to a focus on learning?

Has all this shown a gap in your organisation in terms of clarity of direction?

What can you measure to show an impact in this kind of learning shift?

What about your physical working space? What impact is that having on learning taking place?

And what learning tools are working for you? E.g. Action learning sets? Different approaches to team meetings? Walking meetings?


I can’t wait to read what you’re all up to and what more there is to learn!!

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