In pursuit of results

“A familiar tale; times are tough,

cut the costs or make the sales.

New systems and tech are set to help

“Reduce the work and boost results”

And of course some people have to go

Middle management, on the whole

Leaving gaping gaps in the work that was

Some that moves up but mostly down.

And all the while the tension pulls:

“Do the big picture

But fill in these forms.”

“Don’t tell us your woes

We want shiny stuff.”

“Jazz hands!  Fabulous!”

That keeps our jobs.

But the promised systems don’t quite fulfil

Putting stresses and strains on those it’s for

And the gaping gaps in the work that was,

Causing levels of busy not seen before,

Prevent human connection that would nourish the soul.

In the absence of this

People fall and fall

And so do the sales, and the costs stay still

Because the energy’s gone

We’ve lost the will.






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