#cawconf16 : Positive Psychology in a VUCA World

A 15 minute keynote with Suzy – all the way from Oz!

In the Positivity Institute they talk a lot about the F word – Flourishing!  Help people thrive in a VUCA world. Two-by-two matrix similar to the performance curve with people under or over stretched both being distressed / stressed.   Plodding is not stretched, or Flourishing when we’re at our best – Eustress place – healthy pressure and healthy mental wellbeing.IMG_0531

A normal distribution curve exists with people’s mental health, found in research in Australia and USA.  Similar %’s of the population with poor, average and good mental health.

The Black Dog institute can track emotions at national levels in response to significant events like the referendum.


To help with our mental health we can remind ourselves of Stephen Covey’s circles of influence and concern.

A colleague of Suzy’s has done research that denies the belief that personality is fixed.  It finds that intentional personality change is possible through coaching.

Broaden & Build theory from Barbara Fredrickson is essential to understand as a coach and to support clients.

ViaPro Character Strengths Profile (free profiling tool) – pay attention to where your zest, energy and vitality are. People with depression have low ratings here. And if they’re high, be aware of overplaying.  Determination, grittiness are traits to develop to flourish so you can face challenges with more resilience.  Curiosity & creativity are enabled when we’re in the Broaden & Build state.  Agile & Audacious is about being psychologically flexible, having high hopes, separating yourself from your thoughts.











This has been live blogged from the Coaching at Work Conference and I’ve done my best to represent the session accurately as I heard it – and of course I’m human so I might have captured the bits that resonate with me more.

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