#cipdldshow : What I heard and what I think

After a full 2 days in London, I’m starting to process and reflect on what I’ve heard.  And this isn’t even half of what was going on there!!  So, here’s where I am.  What do you think?  What else did you hear?

Start with the business. Know your business.  Know the strategy.

Yes.  And…

Be confident in your profession and the value, insights and knowledge you bring.  Yes, see yourself as a business leader, and at the same time know that in the same way Finance are business leaders with a deep ability with numbers and commercials, you’re a business leader with a deep ability in human behaviour and the impact of learning.  Nobody can be great at everything and the business will only succeed in its strategy if you’re being great at what you do.

Use data.  Prove ROI.

Yes.  And…

Make it context relevant.  Use %’s not just straight numbers.  Make best friends with the right person in Finance who can help you.  Use ‘subjective’ insights.  I saw a beauty product the other day telling me that 80% of people find their skin feels softer and smoother after 4 weeks.  That’s not a ‘hard metric’, that’s their opinion, but it gives confidence and helps people buy into it.


Don’t get so lost in this that you forget the purpose of what you’re doing.

Use technology for bite sized, always-on learning.

Yes.  And…

This feeds the need to always be on, working and learning in a Just in Time world that operates at pace.  We also have a responsibility to help people slow down and see the value in space and thought.  Street Wisdom is a perfect opportunity for that.  Hey, even Google turn to a colleague first instead of tech when they’re stuck on something.

Create an environment to learn.

Yes.  And…

Actually, for me, this is the key stuff.  Build a coaching culture by bringing it to everybody in the organisation so it’s just the normal kind of conversation people have (except not all conversations would be coaching, because that would be weird).  Create learning communities who come together to learn together, in a safe environment, through discussion and debate.  Don’t assume or judge what others need to learn (separate this from performance management).  There might be some stuff they have to know, but you can’t MAKE someone learn anything.  Invite people in.  See what they discover.  Create advocates by giving them a learning experience they want to be part of.  And go deeper.  Change your thoughts, change your results.  Connected to our responsibility for space and reflection to be valued, if we keep doing the same stuff we’re going to keep getting the same results.  We need to stop, look at what we’re doing, figure out what’s getting in the way, and do something else.  Often the stuff in the way is the limiting organisational beliefs about what can or can’t be done.  Want lasting learning and change?  Go there.


Ian Pettigrew did an amazing roundup of the event here.  And check out #cipdldshow for more tweets and blogs from the delegates, exhibitors and #blogsquad.

Till next year!  10th & 11th May 2017.

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