Can you see what’s going on?

A friend shared this with me today.  Her political leanings being very much on the side of Corbyn and despairing at what she saw as Cameron’s arrogant attitude.  But this post isn’t about which side of the fence you sit on or which leader you favour.  This is about cultural norms.  The way we do things round here.  And how blind we can be to how we are.

When I watch the video I despair at politics as a whole.  When I watch this I see people (I’ve chosen not to use the word men) behaving like children in a playground, sneering and jibing at each other.  One bully boy gang against another.  Yes they wear suits.  Yes they speak well.  Yes there’s no physical aggression.  But the way people behave in that place – where they decide how our country’s run – fills me with horror.  Emotional intelligence is so far off the bottom of the scale it’s at arctic-level minuses.  And decisions are made to satisfy egos, prove points and just to beat the other side.  Nothing to do with ‘the right thing’ for the UK.

And it’s always been the same.  To those whose work lives are there, this is their norm.  It’s been done this way for so many years they know nothing different.  They probably don’t see any need to change it – in fact they’re most likely proud of their traditions – and even if they did see the need it might feel too big a mountain to climb.

Now this might show an extreme of example of poor behaviour and ineffective communication and decision-making, but there are versions of this all round the country, in organisations up and down the land, where egos and beating the competition matter above all else.  Where there might be no awareness of a need to change.  And where even if there was it might feel too big a mountain to climb.

If you work in one of those places – and even more so if you’re responsible for leading one of those organisations (and I include HR with that leadership responsibility) – make a start to change.  Do one thing.  Because one thing is closer to better than if you do nothing.  It might be that the first thing you need is for someone to come in with fresh eyes to tell you how it is.  You might not be able to see it for yourself because it’s what you’ve known for so long.

Then, once you’ve started, keep taking steps.  Keep doing one more thing.


And in case you’re wondering, this isn’t about ‘going sot’ and letting people do whatever they like.  You’re still running an organisation that has stuff to achieve and people need to work to achieve it.  This is about behaving like relationship-filled, passionate humans who have the ability to think and achieve brilliantly together when given the right environment, development and support.

If UK productivity, and levels of *[engagement / happiness / better lives], are going to have any chance of improving we need to start with one thing.  Now.


*delete the words you don’t like


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