#CIPDOD15 Doing Digital OD

Karen Dumain from the NHS Leadership Academy.

Talking about achieving cultural shift through tech – how can practitioners make use of tech?

Karen’s background in Behavioural Science and feels like OD is coming home.  Joined the NHS a bit over 2 years ago.  Karen and Paul Taylor lead ‘Do OD’.  They link with the Leadership Academy to spread OD capability across and above the system of the organisation.  Focus on Dialogic OD.

Context for NHS – the world is complex, decreasing resources, higher expectations of patients, changing demographics, a need to shift to prevention rather than cure – how do we respond to these and to the need to change?  Digital is just a constant for the young people coming into the workforce now and in the coming years.  If you’re talking about ‘getting online’ then you’re behind the curve!

NHS – worlds largest publicly funded health system, provides for 54 million people, a patient every 36 hours.

Do OD focus on putting theory into practice – Connect > Share > Learn > Grow.  Paul and Karen hold the frame, they’re the container.  They work with the NHS OD community – the system – to understand their challenges to create new solutions & resources together.  They enable conversations at all different places and levels.

7 challenges came back from the OD Community with Culture, Values and Behaviours as the top 3 – what do we do with these, how do we measure the difference, how will it impact patients?  Looking ahead to 2015-16 they’re focusing on Systems Thinking, Building OD Capability, Integration, Culture Change, Evaluating OD.

Now a focus on Culture…..What can we do to evolve culture?

At the same time that the NHS was being celebrated in the Olympics opening ceremony, the Mid Staffs investigation was coming out.  There was a call to action about changing culture.  Conversations about the culture wanted in the NHS – Happy, Caring, Compassion…as a few key words.

When they started Do OD they asked for people to put their trusts forward to share what they’d already done (with acknowledgement that it was a beginning rather than a ‘job done’ situation), and others who wanted to be pilots for new stuff.

People thought they’d get a magic tool or solution but quickly realised it wasn’t that.  The dialogic OD approach used was underpinned by Appreciative Inquiry. A move away from Diagnostic, linear OD.  Also used Bushe – What we think > leads to Decisions and Actions > that evoke Shared attitudes & assumptions > which forms Culture.

Digital came out in an emergent way from the conversations and they started to develop an app (launched in Nov 14).  Anybody can download the app and it allows you to dip in and out because everyone’s starting point will be different.  You can go in at level of You, Team, Org, Partners & Stakeholders.  When you go into one of these areas there are questions to prompt thinking and conversations.  Based on your answers it summarises where you’ve made progress and where there might be more to do.  Recent update – Space to Think cards to enable creative thinking.

With over 1000 downloads, just starting to do formal evaluation but informal has been very positive – Practitioners have said very helpful.

This post has been live-blogged from #CIPDOD15.  I’ve done my best to represent the content accurately and fairly but some errors may exist.  Most of it is the speakers’ content and I aim to show the bits that are my opinion.

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