Talking the talk…

First day of the CIPD L&D today, 30th April, which I feel privileged to have been able to attend as a tweeter and blogger.

I’ve listened to sessions on –
Cultivating trustworthy leaders
Creating a manager-led coaching culture
Developing resilient yet agile leaders

And I’m reflecting on what I’ve heard.

A variety of organisations, a variety of angles on the content.

But overall every session, a bit less from the MOOC one, has had the same messages :
You need a purpose that goes beyond profit
You need values that match your purpose
Everything you do, yes in HR, but across the whole org needs to align with your purpose and values
You need leaders who are human
And who have the emotional intelligence to know themselves so they can know their team
And all of this has to be right for your context of your org

Is this new stuff? I don’t think so.

Is it simple? Well, it can’t be or we’d all be doing it.

So what’s stopping us?

Is it our Neanderthal wiring is still too heavily engrained in us? We’re still evolving.

Is it that we’ve grown up in an organisational world where this stuff was less important. The heritage of the industrial revolution, command, control & tell.

Will we look back at this time we’re in now and recognise it as a critical period of shift where we moved to a place where leadership and the environment we create in work fundamentally changed?

Or should we just stop talking about it and accept that task and tell is what managers do??

I can’t help feeling that we’re currently talking the talk – a lot! And if we’re going to make this fundamental change happen in less than 20 years we need to get on with it, be bold, make it happen.

What does your organisation need to make this real – in everything it does?

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