New Year’s Resolution!……Well, it’s nearly here!

Wow!  It’s been a while since I blogged!!  Things have been kinda hectic between work, kids, Christmas, getting ready to sell house, general day to day inconveniences like washing!  (I have been washing BTW!)

But my non-blogging, and actually my not-much-tweeting state of late, got me thinking about why.

When I first entered the blogging foray a couple of months ago I was full of ideas and inspiration.  Things that had been bubbling near the surface for a while and others that I was inspired to write by talking to others.  

And therein lay the key.  

Until a couple of weeks ago I had been very fortunate to have had a good few-months-long run of self-indulgent self-development.  Coaching and being coached, conferences, tweetups, meetups.  I was interacting with new, exciting and different people a lot.  My brain was being stimulated by being out of my normal environment and routine.  And I was getting to have some great discussions with some great people. 

Yesterday was the end of a working week where I’d done a very good impression of being a little scurrying mouse – a mouse who found lots of cheese and peanut butter – but nonetheless a lot of scurrying was done!  And I realised the impact of imbalance.  I felt pleased with what I’d achieved at work, I felt that tired satisfaction of having de-cluttered ready for the estate agents today, but I felt distant and disconnected from the world that is the twittersphere and the people who live there that I’ve come to know and love.

There are people, things and activities in my life that I know keep me being at my best and it’s my job to keep me there.  

So, it may be early, but my resolution for 2014 is to stop and check my balance every day (although maybe not on new year’s eve – can’t guarantee my balancing ability will be top notch that night!).  And I’m so pleased I already have some great meetups in the diary to look forward to!

So what keeps you being at your best?  How’s your balance?  And what promises will you make to yourself for the year ahead to spend more time in that good place?

Merry Christmas and happy hogmanay to everyone!  I hope you have a very good one! 🙂


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