Flat as a mountain……reflection from #CIPD13 Conference

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the CIPD Annual Conference, and even to speak on the Thursday about the small part I played in the recent CIPD Hackathon.  It was an amzing event.  The CIPD turned a significant corner about this time last year, when Peter Cheese joined as Chief Exec, and things continue to improve now.  A year ago, I was on the train to Manchester feeling embarrassed that somebody might find out I was involved with the CIPD and HR – we were going nowhere.  This year I was full of pride for what we, as a collective body, are striving to achieve!

But…….despite all that great stuff – and it really is great stuff – there was one piece of feedback that’s stuck in my head and won’t go away.  After the Hackathon session, a delegate told me that the lady he was sitting next to worked in an SME and had commented that SMEs are already doing all these supposedly new Hack ideas, and was asking why these events are always about the large organisations.

Good question!

Big names like Facebook will definitely draw the crowds but, if we’re truly an inclusive bunch who value difference, and if we truly believe in breaking down heirarchicies, giving more people a genuine voice, and working together to achieve more than we could apart, then why aren’t we embracing the experiences, stories and great stuff that’s going on in smaller businesses??  They make up most of the economy and employ most people in the UK!  Imagine what could be possible!

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